A special holiday to Transylvania

Transylvania, the land beyond the forest, as our forefathers named this mystical place…a place where fact and fiction intertwine. You might know it better from Stoker’s Dracula tales, as the perfect setting for the worst nightmares; where wolves and bats fill the woods and white faced counts with long teeth inhabit creepy, dark castles.

The real Transylvania that we know is more of a daylight fantasy: endless meadows scattered with multicoloured flowers and ancient ruins, tranquil little villages where time stopped centuries ago, forgotten lakes and sparkling streams, massive mountains and never-ending valleys. This is the real Transylvania and this is what makes it the perfect holiday destination throughout the year.

Historical holidaysIf you are a traveler interested in medieval buildings and untouched ruins, Transylvania is without a doubt, the ideal destination. The merchants and the peasants of the last eight centuries have left behind unmistakable signs. They laid the foundations of the seven medieval fortresses: Braşov, Sibiu ( designated a European Capital of Culture for the year 2007), Sighişoara, Cluj Napoca, Bistriţa, Sebeş and Mediaş. The exterior walls, towers, bastions, bridges, stairs, narrow streets, public and civil buildings, and churches were erected to protect the residents against  Tartars and Turks’ frequent sieges of the Middle Ages. There are still more than 200 medieval fortified churches still standing, and most of them are still being used.

Transylvania hiking holidaysIf nature’s wonders tempted you to travel to these lands, you will not be disappointed. Surrender yourself to nature, leave behind every day stress and come with us to a magical world, surrounded by wooded heights and never-ending valleys, charming bird song and the inviting  fragrance  of blooming meadows. Not forgetting the rivers… hurried streams making their way into the Limestone Carpathian Mountains and leaving behind gorges, caves, waterfalls of an unsuspected beauty.