The Caves of Transylvania

The history of mankind started in caves. These unique natural habitats are wide spread in Romania, there are over 13 000 known caves many of them unique in Europe.

Just 1 hour drive from the Lodge you will find “Huda lui Papara” the most difficult cave, the longest cave in Romania; with the largest hall, the biggest waterfall, with the longest underground galleries. Here you can also find Europe’s biggest bat colonies. “Huda” is a regionalism meaning  cave or shelter. “Pap” or “papa” may have its origins in Latin meaning religious leader, taken from the barbaric languags.  So “Huda lui Papara” could mean “the house of the church leaders” . In prehistory, and Dacian times the cave was used as a dwelling and place of worship. Not far,  just 20 km from the cave, still stand Dacian ruins called Piatra Craivii (where it is believed that Decebal, the well known Dacian leader has died). Zamolxes, god of the Dacians retreated to the largest and most visible cave in Trascau. Huda lui Papara might just be the one.

5 kilometers away from our magical boutique-hotel there are some 60 known caves, almost all of them being of small size (the longest one has 120 m). They are located in the Turda Gorges. Other 29 caves you can find in the nearby Tureni Gorges.

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